MAPhoto Texture Pack 1

We have been photographing our own textures for years.  We use textures in much of our work.  Textures help to create a sense of depth in an image.  Used correctly, they can add a proper balance of toning and cohesion to images with composite elements.  Textures are a great finishing element to any image and can be combined with our Lightroom presets for an incredible, finished art piece for your client's home.  Our texture pack includes 10 different textures in warm, cool, and neutral colors for a total of 30 different textures.  We also include an action to help you place the texture on your image and remove it from your subjects skin tones while still preserving the toning from the texture file.  Textures should be applied at a low opacity just enough to give you some depth, but not be distracting in the final image.


Here are some sample images our textures are featured on